The Champions

The Champions Issue 10 - Let's Scrap!

Still awaiting results of several FBI investigations into the whereabouts of Dr. Discordia and Mark Morning, and the backgrounds of the triumvirate of masterminds just recently dealt with, the team finds itself with some rare downtime.

Arsenal arranges a Training Day, in order to learn more of the capabilities of his new team members Catzclaw, Gornak, and Bella (who has yet to choose a code name). The team assembles at a junk yard in Newark. The owners agree to let the team train amongst their wrecked cars and other junk.

The Champions divided into three random teams of three heroes each. The objective: race to the end of the training zone, retrieve a football, and get it back to the starting line.

For the first run the teams were:
Arsenal, Bella, and Ice Prince
Slugger, Prince Paradigm, and Gornak
Monopoly Guy, Catzclaw, and Phoenix

Catzclaw’s remarkable speed and dexterity proved out in the first round. He raced straight to the ball, outpacing Prince Paradigm and Arsenal.

Slugger glanced at Gornak and said, “They sure are gettin’ there quick. Hey, are you fast?”

“Gornak slow.”

“Aw, honey, don’t you worry ‘bout that none. Ah’ve been hearin’ that mah whole life and ah just ignore it. In fact, ah’m a dee-tek-teeve!”

In addition to exhibiting his superior running speed and agility, Catzclaw managed to take a full-strength punch from Rogue which appeared to do him very little damage. His vulnerability, as it turns out, is energy damage, as he was knocked for a loop in the second round by a blast from Prince Paradigm.

Speaking of the second round, the rules were tweaked. This time each member of a team must possess the football for at least one Phase before they can win, and the football must be dropped if the carrier takes any damage at all from an attack.

The teams were also decided less randomly, assuring at least one faster hero one each team. For Round 2 the teams were:
Catzclaw, Rogue, and Gornak
Prince Paradigm, Ice Prince, and Phoenix
Arsenal, Slugger, and Monopoly Guy

This round went [i]much[/i] longer. One again Catzclaw was the first to reach the football, but it was quickly lost. It changed hands several times while battles raged.

Rogue decided the best strategy (and perhaps the most fun) would be occupy Slugger. She challenged her to some wrasslin’, which Slugger eagerly accepted. Rogue grabbed her and flew straight into the air. “How kin ah teach you wrasslin’ moves if’n we’re in th’ air?”

“I’m helping you learn now.”

Slugger’s eyes brightened. “You mean you think ah kin learn t’ fly? Ah guess ah ain’t never tried to, although ah’ve done mah share o’ fallin’.”

And she did again. Rogue dropped her from a 20" height. Just before hitting the ground, Rogue plummeted straight down and slammed into Slugger like a piledriver.

The two of them went back and forth while the rest of the heroes were trading possession of the football. At one point Monopoly Guy showed his versatility, taking on Catzclaw in a Martial Arts display, and later deflecting energy blasts and teleporting out of entangles.

As the sun was waning, Rogue had taken possession of the football and flown it straight up into the air, planning to play keep-away long enough for Gornak to be revived (he’d taken massive punishment from Prince Paradigm), as he was the last person from his team needing to take possession of the ball.

Rogue had taken the opportunity to get the ball after Catzclaw had raced over to where she and Slugger were tangling on the ground, and Catzclaw had pummeled the prone Slugger into unconsciousness (she was the remaining hero on her team who hadn’t had the ball yet).

Rogue dropped the ball to Catz, who played his own game of keep-away, racing back and forth across the field of battle, too fast for anyone else to catch. This especially frustrated a reawakened Slugger, who was now furious at Catz for hitting her while she was down.

It appeared to be a stalemate, so Arsenal called it a day.



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