The Champions

The Champions Issue 2 - Revolution on Ice

Part two of the story begun in The New Guardians #12 " Cold New York ".

When last we left our intrepid heroes and heroines, the Champions had just taking a wild ice ride from New York City to the South Pole.

And at the end of our last episode, they saw a massive city appear out of nowhere on an open ice field. And outside the walls of said city— an army was gathering.

The Antarctic civilization was kept alive via a portal to a distant planet. They beamed cold through the portal in exchange for supplies.

Two of the royal family had staged a coup. They sent the Yeti to kidnap the only fire-based hero, Spitfire, and then attacked NYC. The mad King managed to send a message to Freeze during the battle, and the Champions hitched a ride with the retreating assault force back to Antarctica. Spider freed Spitfire, the rest of the team freed the imprisoned Prince and they all battled a woman claiming to be Frea, the Goddess of Cold. They managed to put down the coup, destroying the portal in the process.

Now the existence of the Antarcticans is known to the world. Indivdiual countries and the United Nations are scrambling to recognize it as a sovereign nation.



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