Blur is a naturalized American born in Jamaica. She stands 5’ 6" tall. She normally keeps her hair short, and has been known to wear dreadlocks. For special occasions she’ll have it done. She is strong-willed and vocal. Her Jamaican accent isn’t heavy, but she speaks “proper” English when the occasion demands.

Blur gains her incredible speed by smoking the marijuana produced by magic seeds given to her by her Granma, a Voodoo practitioner. Each joint she consumes grants her about 5 minutes of supersonic speed, although it’s possible for her to use up the extra energy she gains before that. She carries the Magic Weed joints in a gris-gris bag around her neck.


Kimona grew up on the streets of the Bronx, in a rough neighborhood. Was once kidnapped by members of the Shower Posse, a powerful, international Jamaican gang, along with her brother. Her father, who’d run a Jamaican restaurant, had witnessed a murder and was targetted. She spent several days balled up in a suitcase until they were rescued, and developed an extreme claustrophobia because of it. Her parents were both killed before the police raided the gang’s hideout and rescued them. She’s since been intensely protective of her brother. She’s also fostered a deep hatred of the gang, and has made a habit of disrupting as much of their business as she can.

She became a bicycle messenger as a teen and using her powers quickly became known as the fastest courier in the city. She worked two other jobs and saved enough money to buy out the owner of Lightspeed Express, 307 W 36th St, New York.


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