Mark Morning

aka Cyclone aka Typhoon


Nephew to Arthur Morning, Mark Morning was a playboy billionaire with utterly no sense of social responsibility. Then he gained super powers in the same freak accident that created Sea Crab (his uncle Arthur Morning) and two super villains: the Pirate and Jellyfish. Where as everyone else literally lost limbs in the explosion, Mark Morning seemed to be left physically unscathed. As always, he was lucky. He gained elemental control over water, winds, and electricity— with the ability to generate it all at will. Handsome, flashy, and now possessed with super powers, Mark set out to finance and lead the world’s first super group: The Champions. More than a vehicle to help the world, initially the Champions were merely a ploy of Mark’s to feed his own enormous ego.

Cyclone’s stint as leader of the team he created was short-lived. During an encounter with the Demon Prince Orcus, he was subjected to a Feeblemind spell that left him with the intelligence of a ten year old. It was at that point that Arsenal took over permanent leadership of the team. When Mark eventually recovered, he was only a hero a short time before residue evil from Orcus’ influence caused him to switch sides. As the super villain Typhoon, he now leads the evil super group called The Terrible Ts. He is currently at large and considered extremely dangerous.


Mark Morning

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