Member of F.I.R.E. Team, part-time Champion


Donna Sue Butcher stands 6’5" tall and weighs an astounding 1600 pounds. She’s not fat by any means, just amazingly dense. As a result her daily life is impacted in a myriad of ways: she can’t use most elevators, or passenger cars, or most furniture.

Despite that, she’s usually a very bubbly personality. While she’s rather slow mentally, she doesn’t realize it and fancies herself a “dee-tek-teeve”.

And she loves loves loves to scrap.


Donna Sue grew up in rural Alabama, the only daughter of a sharecropper. She was the youngest of five children, and the influence of four brothers (and despite her mother’s best efforts) made her into a tomboy. She loved wrasslin’ with them, and even before her powers manifested she managed to hold her own. All of her brothers are naturally strong and tough, but none are paranormals.

Her mutant powers appeared as they often do, at puberty. After her senior prom her date got too grabby. Donna Sue was so shocked and hurt that she momentarily lost control, knocking her boyfriend through the car door and into a tree 20 feet away. Panicking, Donna ran away from the scene, and from home.

She ended up in Los Angeles. Her powers enabled her to climb the ranks among Hollywood stuntpeople and she gained a reputation for her handling of cars and her risk-taking. She took an assumed name (Lucy Loveless), and became known as “Lucky Lucy” because she survived a couple of stunt mishaps that would’ve killed a Normal.

Eventually the FBI caught up with her. The head of Project Prometheus had read her file and guessed that she was a paranormal. The FBI offered her immunity for any charges related to the assault on her boyfriend (who was now confined to a wheelchair) in exchange for her joining their paranormal division.

Now one of the longest-tenured members of F.I.R.E. Team, Donna has moved back to New York City and resumed working as a stunt woman.


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