Field Leader of F.I.R.E. Team


Spitfire stands 6’2" tall and is rather lanky, clocking in at 185 pounds.

The Prometheus Project that granted Spitfire his powers also had several side effects: His skin is a deep red, and he’s completely hairless. Once ablaze, the top layer of his skin is constantly burning, regenerating, and burning again, which leaves a white ash that covers his body.

He is unable to generate flames by himself and must rely on an outside flame source in order to “flame on”. This transformation isn’t exactly voluntary, in fact: if he gets too close to an open flame or a very intense heat source, he’ll catch fire whether he wants to or not. He always carries at least two Bic lighters, and is known to constantly toy with one in one hand.


Joey grew up on the gritty streets of South Philadelphia. A broken home led to school suspensions, gang fights, and running errands for local bookies. Joey’s older brother Tony managed to rescue him from the worst of it by directing his focus to baseball.

Joey became a true phenom. By the age of 17 he was blowing 90-mph fastballs past his high school opponents and Major League scouts were in the bleachers for every game. He was drafted and signed to a then-record deal by the New York Mets.

Within two years he’d made amazing progress through the minor league system, and he was a late-September call-up to the big club. On the eve of his major league debut he was visited by representatives of the Philadelphia Mob, who tried to pressure him into throwing the game. When he protested, his brother was threatened.

His debut was hyped by every baseball writer in the country, and it was a nationally televised game. Convinced his brother could handle whatever trouble came his way (and driven by his large ego), Joey pitched a gem, winning the game.

Later than night he and his brother were ambushed outside of a night club. Joey took a bullet in the elbow, destroying it and his baseball career. His brother was killed.

One of the FBI agents investigating the case offered Joey a chance to help: join Project Prometheus. Volunteers were needed for the experimental program, the aim of which was to produce paranormal field agents. It was an opportunity to both avenge his brother’s death and to bask in the spotlight that followed superheroes.

Subjected to weeks of pasma baths, injections, and nauseating side effects, Dr. Isaah Hydzu oversaw Joey’s progress through the program. Finally, after four long months, Joey’s transformation was considered only a partial success. He had gained an almost total immunity to heat and flame, but that was it. Dr. Hydzu was prepared to release Joey and refocus his research, but Spilva was determined to push himself and the doctor to the limit. He convinced Hydzu to try one last round of treatments, doubling the dosage of his injections plasma baths. Joey emerged from his last plasma bath a truly changed man: every hair on his body had fallen out, and his skin had turned a rich shade of red. But he still could not, as the doctor had hoped, cause his body to create flame.

But at the final test of his invulnerability to flame, everything changed. A flamethrower was turned on him, at close range. Where before he had merely watched his clothes burn off of him and remained unharmed, this time his body burst into flames. Spitfire was born!


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